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Ping Pong & Business Are Both Important Parts of The Future!  Obesity Numbers In The United States Are At All Time High In Our Youth, While Alzheimer’s Is People Over 65 Is The Fifth Leading Cause of Death In The United States!

Running Office Calorie Burn Tournaments (With Health Watches & Wifi), or Team Calorie Burn Tournaments!  Talk With Scott About Setting Up Wellness Incentives For Ping Pong At Your Place of Business!

Performed Programs Previously At These Awesome Corporate Headquarters!

Nike Inc., Intel, Coca Cola Corporation, M&M Mars, Corporation, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UBS Bank, Hartford Insurance, US Law, International, Olympic Committee, United States Olympic Committee, General Dynamics, BP Petroleum, Texaco Inc., AIG, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Police Athletic League (PAL) and many more!