The Big Paddle Challenge

Obesity In The U.S. In 2017 Is At An All Time High CDC Reports.  Using The Big Paddle Challenge, & Working Together, Our Goal Is To Trend The Obesity % Down By Two Percent In United States In 2018, Instead of Watching It Increase In 2018.

Five Years Ago At 35% Obesity Rate For Adults, People Could Not Believe The Numbers.  Now, Over 40% Obesity Rate In Adults.  Everyone & Organization Can Embrace Your Health & Well Being At All Ages!  For Each Person That Is Able To Complete The Big Paddle Challenge, Will Promote The Fight Against Two Huge Problems We Can Stand Together Against:

Do You Want The Wellness Aspect of This Program To Come To You / Your Group?  Fighting Obesity With Fun, Comedy, & Social Aspects!  To Inquire About Planning, Contact Scott Preiss Now!